Lights by TENA Liners - Standard Length

Lights by TENA Liners - Standard Length

Light Liners
Drops and Dribbles

5 packs of 22 liners


Recommended For


Unlike ordinary liners, these light pads are specifically designed to quickly absorb and lock away the thin, fast flow of a bladder leak.

The 5 in 1 Freshness provides fast absorption, dryness, security, breathability and odour control to keep you fresh and confident.

These liners are individually wrapped, so they're ideal for your handbag, sports bag or even a pocket.

Also available in long length.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      Very light stress incontinence – just a few drops

    • Key Points

      Just in case’ when sneezing, laughing or coughing

    • Key Points

      Sport and high impact exercise

    • Key Points

      Light bladder weakness during or following pregnancy

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