TENA Discreet Ultra Thin Pads - Long Length

TENA Discreet Ultra Thin Pads - Long Length

Half a cup to a cup

6 packs of 12 pads


Great all round protection

The extra length of these ultra thin pads provide additional coverage and absorbency for greater security.

Our thinnest pad ever, it's a small step up from a liner, providing similar comfort and discretion but with extra protection.

Designed to rapidly absorb the thinner, faster flow of a bladder leak and with Odour Lock Technology ensuring there are no give away smells - you’ll feel fresh, feminine and protected.

Featuring our ‘Wrap. Close. Dispose.’ wrappers; used pads can be sealed back into the wrapper ultra thin of the fresh pad for discreet disposal.

Our ultra thin pads are also available in Standard Length.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      Small leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze

    • Key Points

      A few drips when rushing to the toilet

    • Key Points

      Sport and exercise

    • Key Points

      Every day - ‘just in case’

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