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Dress For Confidence

Don’t let a weak bladder cramp your style. With these tips and a bit of thought, you’ll be dressed confidently for any occasion.
Published by Jane Granger
Dress For Confidence

Many women revert to dark colours and long tops to ‘hide’ any sign of incontinence, but if that’s not your style, these tips will get your look – and confidence – back on track!


General Tips

  • If you’re away from home, wearing a product specifically designed to absorb the thinner, faster flow of a weak bladder is a far better option than dealing with damp clothes
  • All TENA products have odour control so even if you have several leaks over time, no-one will know
  • Choose bladder weakness products over period pads and liners. They are specially designed to provide comfortable and discreet protection for incontinence
  • Think about the occasion and how easily you can access a toilet. If you think it could be a while, consider a more absorbent product
  • If you’re using a pad or liner, firm, close-fitting underwear will help keep the product securely in position

    At work

    • Whether you wear a uniform, casual or business attire, try your outfit on with your chosen product at home, then run through the kinds of moves your day involves in front of a full-length mirror – bending down, reaching up, leaning over, etc. Check it out from every angle. The purpose of this exercise is to assure you that while you’re looking hard, you still can’t see anything so there’s no way your colleagues will

    Being active

    • If you’re concerned about a little leak, a liner is ideal and undetectable under the tightest leggings
    • Depending on the absorbency, most pads will also go unnoticed. However, if you are concerned, consider active-wear pants that are slightly loose
    • For long-distance walkers, runners and high-impact team-sport players (like netball, tennis, basketball, dancing), find comfort and security with TENA Pants. Try them on under your usual active wear or uniform – especially under plain, dark colours - and be surprised by how discreet they are

    Going out

    • A night out with friends can be filled with lots of laughs – and leaks. Our products – liners, pads or pants – won’t be noticed under most jeans or pants (just check if you’re wearing thin, white fabric) – so you don’t have to wear dark colours and long tops
    • Date night often calls for a dress and many these days are fitted. TENA Pants are a great option as they look, feel and fit just like regular underwear. You can even wear them under shape-wear