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Why Is There Pressure On My Bladder?

Living with bladder pressure can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience. If you've been gr...
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Why Do I Have A Weak Bladder? And How To Resolve It?

If you find yourself constantly rushing to the bathroom, feeling like you can't hold it in, and o...
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What is Incontinence Associated Dermatitis?

Ever heard of incontinence associated dermatitis? Spotting IAD is one of the first steps towards ...
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Laughter and Giggle incontinence: Why some children pee while laughing

While many are aware of laughter’s contribution to stress urinary incontinence, less is known abo...
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How Does Anxiety Affect the Bladder?

Have you ever felt like your heart is going to beat out of your chest or maybe your palms start t...
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What’s In My Underwear? Understanding Urine & Discharge Colours and Warning Signs to Look Out For

If you’ve ever glanced down at your underwear and wondered what you were looking at, then you’re ...
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