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TENA Shield and TENA Guard - What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference will help you decide which is best for your needs.
Published by Jane Granger
TENA Shield and TENA Guard - What’s the Difference?

TENA Shield and TENA Guard both specifically designed just for men. They’re anatomically shaped, like a cricket box, to fit snuggly into the front of your regular briefs (not boxer shorts) to immediately absorb any leakage. Both have odour control and soft, breathable fabric for added discretion and comfort.



The main difference is that the TENA Shield is thinner and lighter in absorbency than then TENA Guard.

At a glance, here is a full comparison.



Different products for different types of incontinence

Deciding which product is best for you will depend on your condition and the occasion.


The most common reason men experience continence issues is due to an enlarged prostate gland or prostate surgery.


The good news is that once the prostate treatment is complete, incontinence typically resolves itself shortly afterwards. There’s more information in this TENA article, Prostate Cancer and Male Urinary Incontinence.


If you have After Dribble which is when you lose a few drops after you’ve urinated, TENA Shield would be a good choice. This condition can be improved, and even resolved with (pelvic floor) exercises, and you may only need protection while you regain strength in your pelvic floor muscle.


Stress, urge and overflow can all vary in volume from a few drops through to a significant gush, which will determine how much absorbency you need.


Frequency can also influence the level of absorbency. For example, continual dripping is not uncommon, and although the quantity released each time may be small, a higher absorbency product will allow you to get on with your day without having to change your protection so regularly.


If you’re unsure which product or level is best for your situation, take advantage of our Product Finder Tool, and Free Samples trial different absorbencies.


The occasion also influences the choice

Think about the activity you’re undertaking and if it’s likely to trigger more leakage than usual. For example, if you have very light incontinence and are just around your home or at the office, then TENA Shield may be sufficient, but if you’re playing golf or tennis, the exertion may result in a higher volume or frequency of leaks so you might want a more absorbent TENA Guard.


Similarly, if your everyday product is a TENA Guard and you’re exercising, consider the next level up for added security and confidence, and to see you comfortably through your game.


Social situations can also influence your product choice. If you’d prefer not to be changing your product during an event or outing, consider going up a level or two in absorbency. Know too that TENA Shield and TENA Guard are discreet under clothing and that all TENA products have effective odour control.


Travelling is the other occasion when you might wish to increase absorbency. If you’re on a long drive, a coach tour or sightseeing, a higher-absorbent product will give you more time between changes, so that you can enjoy your holiday.


Managing incontinence

Although it can seem daunting when you start using protection, once you’ve experienced the discretion and security, you’ll realise how confident you feel.


Products can be ordered directly from TENA’s online shop and delivered to your home in unbranded packaging.


Don’t forget to use our Product Finder Tool, and Free Samples to find the product that best suits your needs.

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