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Understanding Incontinence

Types of Little Leaks

There are two main types of urine leaks for women. ‘Stress’ or ‘urge’. Understanding which one you’re dealing with allows you to best manage those ‘oops moments’.
Published by Suz Disher
Types of Little Leaks


The most common type of incontinence is caused through ‘effort’. Sneezing, coughing or laughing for example. This is the result of additional pressure put on the pelvic floor muscles and they have insufficient strength to close the bladder, resulting in the loss of small amounts of urine.


This is as it sounds – you get the urge to go! It can be sudden and uncontrollable, either a small leak or a large leak, often due to involuntary bladder contractions. This is a result of your bladder sending false messages to your brain telling it you need to go to the toilet.

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