TENA Men Guard Level 1

TENA Men Guard Level 1

Half a cup to a cup

4 packs of 12 guards


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Fast delivery
Discreet packaging
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Great all round protection


An incontinence pad for Men. TENA Men Guards are engineered to a masculine shape, tucking securely inside the front of regular firm-fitting underwear.

Featuring a Boosted Secure Absorption Zone that locks away fluid and prevents odours from developing.

TENA Men Guard Level 1 is just 5mm thin and incredibly discreet.

Each TENA Men Guard is individually wrapped.

Also available with more absorbency: Level 2 and Level 3.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      The small drips and dribbles associated with stress incontinence from a laugh, sneeze, or cough

    • Key Points

      The gym and sports like golf or tennis where exertion can trigger a small leak

    • Key Points

      Everyday discreet protection - Protection while recovering from prostate surgery or radiotherapy