TENA Pants - Women's Discreet - High Waist
TENA Pants - Women's Discreet - High Waist

TENA Pants - Women's Discreet - High Waist

Heavy - Extra Heavy
Full bladder

2 packs of 8 pants 2 packs of 9 pants


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Great all round protection


TENA Discreet Plus High Waist Crème Women's incontinence underwear look and feel just like regular underwear but are also designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

With a chic Crème colour both on the inside and outside they are elegant and beautifully discreet.

A high waist, feminine design and soft-fit fabric ensures they stay comfortably in place all day while the reliable Plus level absorbent core locks in even heavier leaks quickly and neutralises odours helping you stay fresh and feminine all day long.

Just like underwear. Protects like TENA.

Available in Large and Medium.