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Tips to Prevent Incontinence Irritation

Skin conditions caused by prolonged contact with urine can be painful and persistent. Avoid irritation altogether by following these skin care tips.
Published by Suz Disher
Tips to Prevent Incontinence Irritation

There are several reasons for this, but one of the most common is bacteria that trigger a chemical change in the urine to produce ammonia. If you’ve ever used ammonia for cleaning, you’ll know it’s not only very harsh but also has a powerful, unpleasant smell. And not surprisingly, there’s a parallel with the smell of stale urine. The bacteria that cause this change, naturally occur on the skin, especially around the genitals.

Urine is slightly acidic. pH is a scale from 1 to 14 with seven being neutral, numbers above that being alkaline, and below is acidic. The usual pH range for urine is 5.5 – 7, often the lower end first thing in the morning. Healthy skin’s pH sits at 5.5, which helps keep infections at bay. However, with regular contact, the often-lower pH of urine can dilute the skins defence, leaving it susceptible to fungal, bacterial and yeast infections.

Chaffing from wet skin against fabric can abrade the skin, and once it’s open, bacteria and ammonia can inflame and irritate the area.

These skin conditions are miserable. They can cause pain, stinging, burning, discomfort and are often persistent once they take hold. It can be hard to break the cycle, and damaged skin can take quite some time to heal. The best course of action is to look after the skin carefully to avoid them all together.



Skin Care Tips
1. Keep skin dry
The good news is that using any of TENA’s absorbent products will protect skin from urine. They quickly absorb and lock away the thinner, faster flow of a weak bladder, leaving skin dry and minimising contact with urine.

Find the right product for you using our Product Finder tool and take advantage of our Free Sample offer.

If you have faecal incontinence, change your product as soon as practical to minimise the contact time.


2. Cleanse

Make sure you keep the area clean.

Mild soap and water are fine, but overuse can dry skin out leaving it more susceptible to damage. TENA Wet Wipes have been pre-moistened with a specially formulated lotion to cleanse, restore and protect in one simple step and are a gentler alternative to soap and water.

TENA Wash Cream is a no-rinse lotion that gently cleanses, restores and protects skin, leaving it soft, smooth and replenished.

3. Condition and Protect

Don’t allow the skin to become dry and fragile. TENA Skin Lotion is enriched with natural moisturisers and is pH friendly to relieve dry, tight skin.

If you’re concerned that skin may be in contact with urine or faeces for some time, TENA Barrier Cream will provide a water-repellent layer to protect against irritation, inflammation and erosion.



Asaleo Care makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.

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