TENA Men - Protective  Shield

TENA Men - Protective Shield

Low episodic or infrequent loss

3 packs of 14 shields


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Great all round protection


TENA Men Protective Shield has a masculine shape, black in colour with an adhesive strip to hold it securely inside regular, firm-fitting underwear. Just 3mm thin but with a secure absorbent core that quickly absorbs and locks away any drips and small dribbles.

Our incontinence shields have an Odour Control System to prevent odours and is made of soft, breathable fabric for ultimate discretion and comfort.

Each TENA Protective Shield is individually wrapped.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      Everyday discretion, comfort and security for drips or small leaks

    • Key Points

      Very light stress incontinence, just in case a sneeze, cough, laugh or exercise triggers a small dribble

    • Key Points

      The dribble experienced after urinating and associated with urinary retention

    • Key Points

      Protection while recovering from prostate surgery or radiotherapy